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About Palersize

Shaping eager minds through exercise and imagination
Pal Mission Statement
Imagine A Future Where Children Have Been Empowered With Positive Thoughts, Positive Talk & Positive Physical, Mental And Social Fitness Experiences . . .Believing Anything Is PALsible!

Pal Team
Learn more about our Pal Team

We’re a hardworking team with years of experience in fitness. Our passion for making positive changes in children’s lives is what unites us. We can't wait to work with you! subscribe here

  • Melanie Joy Marani

    Pal Mel

    *Dynamic Visionary


    *Creator / Owner

    *Skilled in teaching the Funnest Exercise Program in the World

  • Ms. Bunny stuffed animal and globe that says trus in the universe
    MS. Bunny


    *Palmanitarian (humanitarian)

    *Vice President of Palersize

    *Skilled at Leadership & hopping

  • Mr. Bones skeleton prop for Palersize Adventures in Fitness

    *Cutting Edge Stunt Man/Actor

    *Super Palpular (popular)

    *Back Bone of Palersize

    *Skilled at Pirate Videos

Pal Raves
"Melanie Joy Marani is a force of nature! Joy is the perfect middle name for her, as that best describes her energy & what she brings to her work. Her efforts to bring Fitness to kids and make it Fun is nothing short of a heroic effort. I have met few folks who are so Enthusiastic about what they do & I am certain that everyone who gets to work with her will feel the same!"

Art Bodner - Freelance Paltographer

I am Melanie Joy Marani, Ower and creator of Palersize Adventures In Fitness.

My biggest goal in life is to truly make a positive difference in children's lives! Palersize gives children their first experience of exercise, instilling a belief that exercise is a really cool thing to do for the rest of their life, and that every day is a Palrific Day!

My program covers mind, body, and spirit. I strive for empowerment of positive attitudes for little ones! June 3, 2020, sets my Palersize anniversary of 25 years.

Pal Benefits

The “Pal Way” integrates positive thought and positive talk through Pal Language, a powerful method to teach confidence skills at an early age.

Along with the positive conditioning, children employ their Pal imagination and gain coordination, flexibility, and brain development, as well as social skills, such as Pal Manners, cooperation, sharing, Pal patience, and love.


  • Creativity: "Getting Rid of The Yukkies" and my other creative Pal strategies help children learn to cope with their emotions and release stress in fun ways.
  • Themes: I'm a theme-minded person, which makes theme-based routines easy for me to invent and integrate. This keeps kids engaged and entertained.
  • Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is my middle name! Because I truly have so much Passion for Palersize and the Pal Way; the children naturally connect with that!

When people say to me: “That job must re