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Melanie Joy Marani

Pal Mel has been working with children for 30 years & strives for empowerment of positive attitudes just as much as healthy lifestyles.

This is achieved thru "The Pal Way":

The Pal Imagination (Think, Bink, Wink)

Pal Manners (Excuse me Pal)

Pal Language (Have a Palrific Day)

Pal Mel says:

"I believe in "The Pal Way", which integrates positive thoughts and positive talk through Pal Language, a powerful method to teach confidence skills at an early age. Palersizers learn to turn on their Pal Imagination and gain coordination, flexibility, brain development, and social skills such as Pal Manners: cooperation, sharing, pal patience and Love!"

Melanie Joy Marani