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What our PAL clients say

PALstimonials (Testimonials)
What clients are saying about the Palersize Adventures in Fitness experience

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Palersize has been an integral part of our curriculum.  When doing live Palersize classes, Pal Mel is always enthusiastic, prepared, and ready to divert when necessary.   Her love for her program and for the children is evident in every program.  Each presentation is full of fun, excitement and love. 

Her virtual programs have been helpful to the classes during COVID, as it provides a valuable and much needed movement engagement opportunity when the children are unable to be outside in the play yard.  We love Pal mel!

Pal Lisa Rinaldi, Director
The Childrens Place San Carlos, Ca

Palersize is a fantastic program for young kids. Pal Mel is AWESOME! She brings so much Enthusiasm to each class! We have had the program at Picasso Preschool for 20 years! The students Love it!!! Every month Pal Mel creates a different theme for her routine which the kids really enjoy! Palersize is so FUN!

Pal Candise Morgan
Owner & Director,
Picasso Preschool Half Moon Bay, Ca

I am a dance teacher of many years & have had the pleasure of working with Pal Mel. She carries a very warm & Positive disposition that makes every child feel warm and welcomed. The movements taught are very obtainable & Fun as well as the seasonal themes which are imaginative & engaging! She is also a big advocate of visualization such as, Getting the Yuckies Out & Think, Bink, Wink! I have even implemented this into my own life which has lead to Success!

Pal Sabrina Le Sueur
Teacher, Holy Name Preschool San Francisco, Ca

Pal Mel has been providing her Palersize enrichment classes to my preschool for over 7 years and the children & staff Love her! The children are so engaged in the many FUN activities that Pal Mel offers them in each class. Pal Mel also teaches about good manners & having control over their feelings-"Getting Rid of the Yuckies" as she puts it. The parents Love her too, as she has joined many of our community events. She is a gem!

Pal Alice Ho Seher, M.A.
Director, Holy Name Preschool

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